Ryan Bohm

Ryan has been working with battery systems since 2003 when he converted his first car to battery-powered because electric cars were not available. He spent 10 years supporting hundreds of other conversions with the company he founded, EV Source, which was sold in 2014.

Ryan has a computer engineering degree and MBA from Utah State University. In 2011, Utah State University hired Ryan to work on wireless charging technology. After a successful demonstration of a 25 kW stationary system, Ryan left to work at WiTricity on wireless power transfer systems. In 2014, he returned to Utah State University to help progress research in in-motion wireless power transfer technology and assist in the building of the SELECT center which recently became the NSF ERC called ASPIRE.

The call of the private sector summoned Ryan away where he is now passionately developing battery powered systems that will transform the transportation industry into an efficient, electrified future. He has designed and built high-power motor controllers, battery management systems, battery power electronics systems for transportation and energy storage.