Michael Morley

Michael Morley is an experienced electrical engineer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University.  He provides many years of experience in manufacturing and design.  He increased production capability by over 400% by designing tools, fixtures, and processes and by purchasing and installing over a million dollars in equipment. He designed and installed facility improvements like a humidification system that saved thousands of dollars in operating costs.  

Since 2018 he has devoted most of his time to the design and construction of the EGENset, a battery pack that replaces the diesel generator use in the transportation of refrigerated goods.  He led the team that produced the proof of concept and first piece article of a 40kWh electric generator.  He possesses skills and expertise such as circuit design, PCB layout, SMT manufacturing, process engineering and project management.  These skills and others are used to effectively create and produce solutions.