Daniel Bosco

Daniel Bosco is an electrical engineer and a license journeyman electrician who specializes in power systems and distributed energy resources. He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University (USU). Daniel has over 13 years of experience in the electrical contracting and power systems industry including eight years of work as an electrician prior to pursuing his degree at USU. His work in the power systems industry field includes design and installation of solar arrays and battery systems and large commercial electrical installations.

Daniel worked as the lab manager at USU SELECT while completing his undergraduate degree. He designed and installed the microgrid at the USU SELECT EVR facility. This was a pilot project conducted in conjunction with a utility provider to better understand implications and benefits of distributed resources connected to the grid. The system Daniel designed included a variety of distributed resources: 120 kW solar array, 100 kWh battery system, 60 kW natural gas generator and an energy management system.

Daniel also designed and installed a 150 kW solar array and is completing the design of a microgrid system for our LogiXpower facility in Logan. Similar systems are planned for facilities in multiple locations.These microgrid solutions are the next step in increasing the efficiency of how electrical energy used.