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Our History

LogiXpower was created as a natural progression to solve problems. In 2002 a dairy in Hawaii produced much more milk than was required for the island of Hawaii. The excess was exported to the other islands. The Super-insulated ISO tank was developed to ship the milk economically and safely. AsepTrans was formed to manage the shipping and soon expanded far beyond the Hawaiian Islands to become the world’s largest aseptic ISO tank operator. The next evolutionary step was to add a refrigeration unit to enable longer transit times. TransChill was formed to design and manufacture the refrigeration units. AsepTrans was the world’s largest aseptic ISO tank operator and had developed and refined the technology for more than 10 years. In 2017 Odyssey, one of the largest logistic and freight companies in the world, purchased AsepTrans. TransChill continues to manufacture refrigeration units for ISO containers.

After spending nearly two decades in the shipping industry another need was identified. Refrigerated products being shipped all over the world need power to run the refrigeration units. Diesel generators provide much of this power at the cost of noise, pollution, and high monetary expense. LogiXpower was formed to develop a battery powered generator to replace diesel generators. Three years of development has produced not only an electric generator to replace the diesel generator but a whole line of battery-based energy storage products.

LogiXpower provides solutions for a wide variety of energy storage applications including transportation gensets, grid connected battery systems, microgrid solutions and more.

meet the team

Karson Alder
Production Supervisor

Ryan Bohm
electrical engineer

Travis Halverson
Mechanical Engineer

Michael Morley
Electrical Engineer